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Songs and popular music of the Sicilian tradition



     It is with great pleasure that Salvatore, Vittorio and Massimo present to you this musical project on the theme of Christmas.

     The repertoire consists of traditional music and songs in the Sicilian language. The melodies and lyrics are drawn, in part, from the bibliographies of the ethnomusicologist Alberto Favara. They have continued to exist thanks to the sensitivity and beautiful interpretative ability of great folk singers such as Rosa Balistreri.

     The songs, all part of the folk tradition, relate certain moments and events of the first years of the life of Jesus.
Simple and spontaneous words and easy-to-grasp melodies that make the emotive strings of the musicians vibrate together with those of the public.

“Battente” guitars, bagpipes, “ciaramelle” tambourines and other local ethnic instruments accompany these traditional Christmas songs, with their archaic sound.
The songs are introduced with short stories that facilitate the understanding of the subjects dealt with and guide the public in this type of this "sung crip".


     Our aim is to provide continuity and life to this musical and singing tradition primarily in environments such as churches, cloisters, roads, caves ... and theatres, possibly without technical amplification but making use of the natural acoustics of the place; with the idea of creating a more familiar and intimate relationship between musicians and audience during our performance.

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